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Located in Lincoln City Outlets
1500 SE East Devils Lake Rd. Suite 309
Lincoln City, OR 97367

Hours of Operation
Friday - Saturday: 10am-7pm
Sunday - Thursday 10am-6pm

Family owned & operated in Lincoln City, Oregon.

Lincoln City shopping at its best. Our unique souvenir shop of nautical items includes glass floats, clothing, jewelry, mugs, toys and more. Pick out your perfect gift to make a memory.

Harry & David now available!

  • Immerse yourself in the artistry of Lincoln City with our exquisite collection of locally made glass floats, available at our gift shop. Each float is a testament to the skilled craftsmanship of our community's talented artisans, who pour their passion and expertise into creating these one-of-a-kind treasures.

    Every glass float is a unique masterpiece, reflecting the vibrant coastal spirit and natural beauty of Lincoln City. Whether you're a collector or a first-time visitor, owning one of these handcrafted gems is like holding a piece of this picturesque coastal town in your hands.

    Crafted with care and attention to detail, these floats are a true labor of love. Each piece is a testament to the rich artistic heritage of our community, making them not just beautiful decorations, but also meaningful keepsakes that tell a story.

    Create your own memory and carve your own path with a treasure trove of colorful floats that are sure to spark fun conversations with friends, family, and loved ones.

  • By bringing one of these locally made glass floats into your home, you're not only supporting our talented artisans, but you're also taking home a piece of Lincoln City's soul. These floats are more than mere objects; they're a tangible connection to the heart and soul of our coastal community.

    Visit our gift shop today and explore our curated collection of these exquisite glass floats. Let each piece serve as a cherished reminder of your time in Lincoln City, OR, and an enduring symbol of the creativity that thrives within our vibrant coastal community.

    We are unlike any other Oregon Coast gift shop. For one thing, we’re dedicated to our community. That’s why we stock our store with items from local artisans and regional businesses.

    Keep an eye out for our blog and local community outreach events, such as the Stuff-A-Bus Fundraiser or the Spooky Spectacular Walk-Thru Trick-or-Treat experience, which only happen at certain times of the year.

Lincoln City Gifts

Family Owned, Community Driven.