Candles Made in Oregon

A Guide to Candles Made in Oregon

Oregon's allure lies not only in its lush green landscapes but also in the craftsmanship of its locally made candles. The artisanal candle-making industry in Oregon boasts an array of scented delights that capture the essence of the Pacific Northwest. 

What makes candles from Oregon particularly special is their connection to the region's natural elements. Local candle-makers often infuse their creations with scents inspired by Oregon's iconic flora, like the fragrant juniper, wild berries, and the invigorating scent of coastal mist. This unique blend of scents mirrors the rich tapestry of Oregon's terrain, making these candles a genuine reflection of the Pacific Northwest's charm.

Among the notable companies contributing to this aromatic scene is Candles & Coasters, a beacon of handcrafted excellence in the region.

Candles & Coasters is a beloved family-owned Oregon-based candle company renowned for its commitment to quality and creativity. Their collection resonates with the spirit of Oregon, offering a diverse range of scents that reflect the state's natural beauty. 

One of their popular offerings is their Blueberry Cobbler candles. These hand-poured concoctions bring the aroma of this freshly baked dessert. If tealights are more to your liking, they also offer those in Pumpkin Spice, Romantic Sands, and more.

Beyond Candles & Coasters, Oregon is a hub for small-batch candle producers, each infusing their products with a distinct touch of the state's character. Whether you're looking for a candle that conjures memories of hiking through lush forests or reminiscent of a day spent on the coast, Oregon-made candles have something for everyone. 

The handcrafted touch, attention to detail, and locally-sourced ingredients ensure not just a delightful fragrance but also a connection to the spirit of the Pacific Northwest.

These candles are more than just products; they encapsulate the spirit of Oregon. Light up your space with these carefully crafted candles and let their scents transport you to the majestic landscapes and tranquil moments that define the beauty of Oregon. 

Whether as a gift or a personal indulgence, these candles are a testament to the craftsmanship and natural splendor of our beautiful state.

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