Community Outreach Events for May 2023

Community Outreach Events for May 2023

At Lincoln City Gifts, we don’t just say we’re “family-owned and community-driven” — we live it.

And one of the ways we live that motto is by participating in — and in many cases, leading the charge for — a wide range of community events, fundraisers, and functions.

May 2023 was certainly no exception, and as we head into the heart of the summer season, we thought it would be fun to recap what went on in May and provide a little glimpse into what we’ve got planned for the next few months.

Lincoln City Gifts is different. From the moment we opened for business, we knew we had to be unlike any other Oregon Coast gift shop. Whether it’s the unique items we curate for our shop or our dedication to community events, we strive to be a store where everybody feels at home.

Stop by and say hi if you’re ever in Lincoln City — or just browse our wares online and let us know if you’re on the hunt for anything in particular. We’re happy to help!

Community Events: May 2023

In May, we organized a fun event that helped raise money for Taft 7–12’s Senior Trip. (Go Tigers!) Funds for the trip were generated via sales of the board game BEACH-OPOLY. If you haven’t considered purchasing this fun board game, now is the time.

Beach-Opoly board game to illustrate community events may 2023 blog post

As the name suggests, it’s like Monopoly but with an Oregon Coast beach focus. If you’re ready to bring the beach to game night, then BEACH-OPOLY is the ultimate game for beach lovers and Monopoly enthusiasts!

Every purchase of the board game — and 100% of the proceeds — supported the Taft 7-12 graduation class of 2023. That’s a sweet deal; you can have a blast playing while feeling great knowing you're making a difference for our community's future.

Dive into this game and have a splashin' good time!

Stuff A Bus Fundraiser

We’ll have more info on this in the coming months, but we’re already beginning to collect money to purchase school supplies as part of the August Stuff A Bus fundraiser. Get in touch to learn more!

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