A collection of chocolate truffles to illustrate The Harry & David Story First Oregon — and Then the World

The Harry & David Story: First Oregon — and Then the World

Let’s talk about Harry & David — familiar to just about anyone who loves delicious treats! We’re talking scrumptious chocolate truffles, smooth and tasty butters, pepper and onion relish, Moose Munch, coffee — and on and on and on!

Makes us hungry just thinking about it all. Good thing Lincoln City Gifts is the go-to source for all that Harry & David tastiness.

We figure a lot of people know how good the goods are — but do they know the stories of Harry & David (the product) and Harry and David (the people)? This blog is for those of you who’d like to learn more.

About Harry & David

First of all, we have to mention what is perhaps the most important point (other than how good their treats are!): Harry & David is an Oregon success story.

Mount McLoughlin on the other side of a reflective lake to illustrate Mount McLoughlin in Southern Oregon

Yep — the brand we now know as Harry & David started out as a fruit company. Samuel Rosenberg got things started with Bear Creek Orchards. This was way back in 1910 — and way down in Medford, Oregon. (Bear Creek flows right by Medford, dontcha know.)

Samuel, a hotel businessman, was enamored with Medford pears he had encountered at the Seattle world’s fair in 1909, so he bought the orchard that produced them. As Harry & David’s website tells us, “Samuel traded his prized Hotel Sorrento for 240 prime acres of pears in Southern Oregon’s Rogue River Valley.”

A few years later, Samuel’s sons, Harry and — you guessed it! — David took over operations. Among their innovations were a "Box of the Month" program and a "Fruit of the Month" club.

a coffee cup filled with coffee beans to illustrate The Harry & David Story First Oregon — and Then the World

They changed the company name to Harry & David in 1946. Eventually, the family sold the company, which, after changing hands multiple times, now rests as a part of the 1-800-FLOWERS empire.

David passed away in 1950; Harry in 1959. But they instituted many popular products that people still clamor for to this day. Also, Harry & David no longer operates multiple stores to sell their products. (Their Lincoln City location was until quite recently right next store to Lincoln City Gifts!) Now though, the only remaining brick-and-mortar location is their Country Village store in Medford.

But not to worry. You still have Lincoln City Gifts, where you can find the company’s goodies, gourmet food gift baskets, and much more. Let us know what you’re looking for, and we’ll find a Harry & David product that satisfies your cravings!

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