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Book First 100 Words

Book First 100 Words

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Children develop significantly during early childhood. From infancy to the age of 6, many milestones will occur. One such milestone is learning first words. By using this workbook, children can learn to recognize and write 100 of the most common first words in the English language. As your child progresses, the activities progress as well.
• Directional arrows show how to write each letter of the alphabet. Colorful images help teach 100 first words to children.
• Includes tips on holding a pencil and correct posture.
• Blank pages allow children to practice writing the letters and words over and over until mastered.
• Promotes word learning and development of fine motor skills.
Book Details: 8.5” x 11” Soft Cover Workbook 56 Pages Recommended for ages: 2 - 6

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