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Glass Straw - Lil Sipper

Glass Straw - Lil Sipper

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Is that favorite to-go cup or tumbler needing a new straw? Our Lil Sipper reusable glass straw is a perfect fit then.  The sleek design makes it fit in most tumbler cups due to its diameter being 7mm.  Now you don’t have to use that reusable plastic straw that you have been for some time now.

These Straws are handmade and extremely durable.  They also have a Lifetime Guarantee. 

Reusable tumbler cups normally come with a Hard plastic straw that overtime needs to be replaced. It can get little scratches and harbor bacteria.  They also can have a taste from usage.  The Lil Sipper is a great replacement for most to all of the reusable cups that we have tried.  So when your reusable tumbler cup needs a new straw be sure to check out the Lil Sipper.

Don’t forget that carrying case too if you decide to take just your glass straw with you and not the reusable cup.


Diameter: 7 mm

Length: 9 in

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