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Harry and David

Harry and David - Multi Pack Mustard - 3PK

Harry and David - Multi Pack Mustard - 3PK

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3 Styles

With natural raspberry flavor and a touch of honey, this fruity mustard adds a whole new dimension to dipping. Serve with Harry & David® pretzel sticks, or give your sandwiches and burgers a tangy twist.

Take your snacks up a notch with spicy wasabi mustard. Use in place of classic mustard to add a kick to sandwiches, roast meats, or burgers, or use as a spread on rice crackers and top with sliced salmon and fresh ginger for an elegant appetizer.

Sesame oil and white wine gives this mustard a distinct and vibrant flavor. Excellent right out of the jar as a dip for fresh vegetables and pretzel sticks. Or, use as a topping for crackers and smoked salmon to complete a flavorful appetizer tray.

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