Jar of Jelly - Seafoam

Jar of Jelly - Seafoam

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Jar of Jelly 

Each jellyfish is hand crocheted buy owner of Lincoln City Gifts, Karen. The pattern was created by Karen and has never been written down. Whenever a new jellyfish is created Karen and her family have fun naming it. 

The creation of each jellyfish:

First Karen crochets the jellyfish making sure each one is double layered so they can live a long life. After she is finished creating each jellyfish she hugs them and makes a nice tissue paper bed for them to lay on in there jar. The jellyfish is then placed in there new home. Then to complete the canning a piece of matching fabric is placed atop the jar. Just like Karens grandmother used to do canning real jelly. Each Jar of “Jelly” is then labeled with its name and something it loves.