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Porcelain Garden

Night Light - Porcelain - Colorful Sea Turtle #4

Night Light - Porcelain - Colorful Sea Turtle #4

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Our first creations were functional household ceramics, with sculpted flower decorations; hence the name The Porcelain Garden. During the early 1980s, we started carving in translucent porcelain, and enjoyed the direction that our work was taking us. Then, one day we were introduced to Lithophanes by a collector. We had never seen such amazing work done in porcelain before! We recognized that this wonderful art form had nearly disappeared, and only a few people were still familiar with it. We recognized the potential appeal that these beautiful artworks had, so we set out to reintroduce Lithophanes to the world; and that we did! We originated the concept of Lithophanes as nightlights, at a time when few artists were making tasteful and artistic nightlights. Nightlights are still to this day the most popular form of our Lithophanes.

Size:4.5" H. x 3.7" W x 1/8" D" approx.

Night Light comes complete with on-off toggle switch, 120V 7W incandescent bulb, and nicely gift boxed.

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