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Puzzle Model - Stem Lab Random Generator

Puzzle Model - Stem Lab Random Generator

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Has your magic 8 ball been failing you? If shaking a ball of liquid isn't giving you the answers to your most critical yes or no questions, the UGears STEM LAB Random Generator might be the problem-solving magic you've been looking for. You might have questions about how to build it, but once you've followed the step-by-step construction manual, any other simple question can be solved with the simple push of a button. Designed with smooth gears and completely random results, this 3D model helps you make your decisions by scientific randomness instead of magical randomness.

Careful physics has gone into the design of each Random Generator. Each piece is made from carefully laser-cut sustainably-sourced plywood that comes with a fresh real-wood scent. Pop out the pieces and gently sand or wax interlocking parts to get just the right fit in case of small deviations. By following the included paper manual or an easy online video guide, you can have your Random Generator ready to answer your questions within about two hours. There are six possible answers including "yes," "try again," "later" and the ever-reliable "do it." There is a precise 1/6th chance that any one of these answers comes out on top thanks to the careful symmetry of an internal octahedron. The eco-friendly materials are refreshing after decades of plastic models. The model is almost entirely made of wood with just a metal ball and a rubber band to help power the drive gear. It comes with 160 parts and is recommended for anyone age eight and up, though younger children might enjoy working on this project with a bit of adult assistance.

There are a number of scientific elements in this mechanical generator model, making a great science fair project or activity for brainy young scientists and older explorers. The mechanism includes ways to explore weight and balance with an internal metal ball that drives the random chances. A button and clutch work with potential energy to set the mechanism spinning and a drive wheel keeps the thrust evenly distributed to avoid predictable answers. Scientific minds can also explore concepts including a three-axle gear, internal octahedron, overrunning clutch, and basic geometry. Although not every kid is as excited about STEM projects, giving your young ones some base examples is a great way to expand growing minds to the possible applications of math and science in real-world situations.

Even though this kit is an ideal IQ game for kids and teens, anyone can enjoy the simple pleasure of solving these simple puzzles and physics experiments. UGears is always available to help out in case of lost or broken pieces, ensuring that your project is enjoyable and beautiful even if it takes some time to come together.

Model Size: 6.8 x 4.8 x 5.2 in
Package size: 8.1 x 7.4 x 2.5 in
Number of parts: 160
Level: Easy
Assembly Time: 2 hours
Recommended Age: 8+
Kit weight: 1.17 lbs

Whether you've already fallen in love with UGears' models, which feature working wooden mechanisms, or you've never built one before, the UGears Mini Buggy model kit is the purchase you've been waiting for.

This model's smaller size makes it more accessible to first-time builders, but even veteran model-builders can enjoy the elegant simplicity of the UGears Mini Buggy. Don't worry about buying special glue or clamps; the kit comes with all the tools you'll need. The instructions are included, easy-to-follow, and printed in color. Just take them one step at a time, and you'll have the buggy assembled in no time.

The Mini Buggy model kit only has 80 parts and is less than five inches tall, making it one of UGears' most basic models. You can easily finish assembly within an hour without prior experience. As a result, this model works well for children who have help from their parents, but it is designed for those who are 14 and older.

Even though the UGears Mini Buggy is made of wood, it still has a motor. This one isn't powered by batteries or gas, though; it uses rubber bands. Wind up the motor, which tightens the rubber bands, and then flip the switch at the back of the model. As the switch releases the rubber bands' tension, your model moves, and you can watch the gears work together to propel your buggy.

Despite the simplicity of the Mini Buggy's design, it doesn't just move in a straight line. Adjust the front wheels' direction as you would in a real car, and it can turn corners or, if you don't move the wheels again, drive in circles. Don't try to adjust the buggy's direction with the back wheels, since these are for stabilization, not steering.

Not only is the Mini Buggy kit easy to assemble and fun to use, but it's also eco-friendly. Rather than using plastic, the model is made of wood, which is a renewable resource when sustainably produced. Also, you don't need any electricity to assemble or experiment with the buggy. If you have a friend who loves engineering but also cares about the environment, this is the perfect present.

To take your assembly experience to the next level, consider painting your model. The silver-white wood looks attractive on its own, but painting it allows you to make a model that's truly unique. Don't use acrylics or other thick paints, since they make it hard for the gears to move. Watercolors are a better option as long as you let them dry completely.

Once you've assembled your first UGears Mini Buggy, you'll be back for more. Buy multiple models to extend the fun of assembly, and then use your fleet to hold races.

Model Size: 4.13 x 3.43 x 3.46 in
Package size: 3.9 x 10.8 x 0.3 in
Number of parts: 80
Level: Easy
Assembly Time: 20 minutes
Recommended Age: 14+
Kit weight: 0.16 lbs

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