Wind Chime - Seashore Chime - Sand Dollar - SSA

Wind Chime - Seashore Chime - Sand Dollar - SSA

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Seashore Chime - Sand Dollar

This coastal-themed wind chime is tuned to a traditional Balinese scale from the exotic instruments of the Indonesian Gamelan Orchestra. The term 'sand dollar' is derived from the appearance of their sun-bleached shells on the beach, which reminded beachcombers of the past of a large silver coin - the old Spanish or American dollar. The windchimes hand-painted windcatcher captures the beauty of the reefs without robbing them of their wonderful resources. Sand Dollars are treasures of the ocean, and Bali is surrounded by a vast ocean full of life. Add this treasure to your home or garden and enjoy the sights and sounds of the beach all year long.

This chime carries a lifetime tuning guarantee.

Dimensions: 24 in. Overall Length
Material: White wash finish ash wood, 5 silver aluminum tubes, hand-painted resin windcatcher